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Local Lodge 773

 About Lodge 773

The IAM is a large and diverse organization, representing nearly 730,000 active and retired members across North America. Each member makes a significant contribution to the success of the union. The mission of the IAM Headquarters is to help individual members realize that potential. The departments of the IAM mirror the diversity of the members that form the union.

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The following is a list of current Officers for 2011 for Local Lodge 773.

President -- Jennifer Anderson

Vice-President Amy Holland

Conductor-Sentinel - Robin Wells Reno

Recording Secretary William Cosgrove

Financial Secretary Albert McManus

Trustees- Wendall Betts, Carol Mallory and Bill Beier

Educator Mike Phillips

Communicator Darron Dobson

Chief Stewards: Service- JoAnne Zangl Trades- Darron Dobson

Stewards Service: Amy Holland , Mabelle Poole , Nick Holt Jennifer Anderson, Vickie Allen, Bill Beier

Stewards Trades: Mike Phillips, Ryan Lefler, Purvis Bryant, Wendell Betts, Richard Macko,

Service Negotiating Committee: JoAnne Zangl, Amy Holland, Joyce Breymann

Trades Negotiating Committee: Mike Phillips, Don Synder, Gary Commer

District Delegates: Jennifer anderson, Amy Holland, Mabelle Poole, Mike Phillips, Darron Dobson. Joyce Breymann, Bill Beir. Alternates: Richard Macko, Vickie Allen, Nick Holt.

Business Representatives: Johnny Walker

Business Designees: Service Side: JoAnne Zangl Trades Side: Mike Phillips

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Last modified: 9/13/2011

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